The Most Efficient Applicator for On-Site Refinishing

The Ransburg No. 2 Gun is the most efficient applicator for on-site finishing. The Gun's high transfer efficiency provides improved productivity, reduced operator fatigue and higher quality finishes. Reduced labour and material costs, as well as reduced clean up are just a few of the benefits.

The portable unit, utilizing the No. 2 Gun, power supply, cart and accessories, makes it well suited for a wide variety of applications. It goes where we need to go. Its portability makes it perfect for offices, schools, hospitals and maintenance areas. Typical uses include metal furniture, lockers, fences, railings, storefront mullions and file cabinets.

The Ransburg No. 2 is the professional on-site refinishing unit.


The No. 2 Gun offers 95% transfer efficiency . . . reducing paint waste means an extra cost savings for you.