Recent Projects by Harris Coating Systems

Seawall Railing

This railing at False Creek in Vancouver B.C. goes from Science world all the way to English Bay along the pedestrian path and was painted in 2005.

Interior Office Stair

Additional office space was required so Stantec leased another floor and built this stairway between the two floors and contracted Harris Coating Systems to refinish it onsite.

Office Tower

In 2003 Rosebud Properties did a major upgrade on their building at 1001 W. Broadway. We refinished all of the old faded blue mullions into a modern metallic silver.

Residential Railings

Elaborate railings on residences are no problems for the Electrostatic painting method but is a big problem for the homeowner to try to paint.

Storefront Entry and Metal

This grocery store chain does facelifts on their building and uses Harris Coating System to paint all the metal panels on the walls and the window frames during the construction process.

Decorative Planters

These decorative planters could have been a problem for the mall but Harris Coating Systems recoated them right on-site with the plants in them after regular business hours.

Decorative Skylight Cover

Much larger than it appears in this picture, this skylight cover in an upscale house was an ideal cnadidate for Electrostatic painting.

Pedestrian Bridge

This structure for the Sperling Avenue pedestrian bridge was mostly painted off-site in a warehouse then assembled and the painting was completed before the grand opening.

Retail Directory Sign

Retail shopping malls take a lot of wear and tear. These directories were refinished on-site in the evening while the mall was closed.

Storefront Structures

Part of the large Westgate Mall Renovation project in Maple Ridge. Harris Coating Systems did all the window frames, structural steel and roof top cladding.

Picket Railings and Public Benches

An ideal situation for the Electrostatic Painting method is this style of picket railing. With a tough Urethane coating, it will look good for years to come.

Restaurant Entrances

Creating an inviting entrance to your establishment is so important. We took this old dirty window mullion and turned it into an attractive entryway for this established restaurant.

Grocery Cooler and Refrigerator

Customers want to see clean attractive equipment when they are grocery shopping. Harris Coating Systems refresh you stores image with no downtime to the customer.

Office Filing Cabinets

Improving the look of the office can be easily attained in one evening. That's what was done in this office. On-site Overnight has been our trademark for 25 years.

Public Lockers

Hospitals, golf clubs, schools and ski lodges have all used Harris Coating Systems to recoat their lockers to improve the look of the facility.

Artistic Sculptures

One of our weird requests was to refinish this metal sculpture in several different colour with pinstripping on every angle. The customer was extremely pleased with the results. Look for it around Vancouver.