Watch & Learn about Electrostatic

Electrostatic refinishing using the "completely airless" Ransburg #2 Handgun is absolutely the cleanest, most efficient method ever developed for on-site coating applications. It uses no forced air pressure to blow the paint from the gun, but instead uses electricity to pull the paint from the gun directly to the surface that is being painted.

File Cabinets

File Cabinets - Before
File Cabinets - After

Window Mullions

Window Mullions - Before
Window Mullions - After

Washroom Fixtures

Washroom Fixtures - Before
Washroom Fixtures - After


Railings - Before
Railings - After

Grocery Coolers

Grocery Coolers - Before
Grocery Coolers - After


Elevators - Before
Elevators - After

Developed in Germany over 50 years ago, the first electrostatic painting systems were large stationary units. Over time, it's been redesigned and improved into the portable unit that we use today. Using the positive/negative attraction of magnetism is the secret of electrostatic painting.

Using this highly sophisticated application system, the paint is fed to the end of the handgun and onto a rotating bell shape. As the bell turns, the paint is moved to the outer edge where it picks up a positive electrical charge. When the paint particles leave the bell, it carries that positive charge with it.

The charged paint droplets are then pulled, by magnetic attraction to the negatively grounded item being painted. The paint will actually pull around corners and to the backside of the work piece. This system enables us to have virtually no overspray to the surrounding area.

By moving the handgun along and around the item, the operator can apply a consistent even coating to all sides, while eliminating heavy areas and sags to produce a high quality, smooth coating comparable to a factory finish.

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