Our Coatings

More than just a beautiful, factory like finish, the coatings that Harris Coating Systems electrostaticly applies have been proven to be among the toughest, most durable finishes available in the on-site refinishing market today.

Interior Applications

For interior applications we use a high performance, two component, polyamide epoxy known for its excellent chemical resistance and durability. Containing no polyisocyanates, and a moderately low VOC rating, this coating is ideal for interior applications where a tough, factory like finish is required.

For more than 20 years Harris Coating Systems has been refinishing filing cabinets, elevator openings, washroom partitions and fire doors, all on-site. As we do a lot of repeat business, quite often we'll return to a client's office only to find the cabinets we painted for them years ago still looking like brand new!

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Epoxy Glaze TDS
Epoxy Glaze MSDS
Epoxy Glaze Compared to Baked Enamel

Exterior Applications

Our exterior coating is a two component acrylic urethane that offers exceptional gloss retention and weatherability equal to 3 or 4 times that of conventional high-grade enamel. An extremely tough coating, it is resistant to UV rays, gasoline, and hydraulic fluids. This coating has a heat resistance up to 300° F and is ideal for exterior applications where severe weather and corrosive conditions exist.

Both of our coatings are specially formulated for application with the completely airless Ransburg #2 electrostatic handgun.

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Acrylic Urethane TDS
Acrylic Urethane MSDS
Acrylic Urethane Performance Evaluation

Industrial Primers

Using the right product for various applications is crucial for ensuring a durable long-lasting finish. At Harris, we work very closely with our suppliers to make sure that we are using the very best products for your specific project. If the job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

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Vinyl Wash Primer TDS
Vinyl Wash Primer MSDS
Epoxy Glaze Primer TDS
Epoxy Glaze Primer MSDS


Looking for low VOC coatings for your project? Look no further, our suppliers have done a great job in keeping up with today's tough industry standards. With their new INVIRA Line, you can now have low VOC coatings and the cleanliness of the electrostatic application for your project.

For more technical data on our INVIRA Line, please click on the following links.

INVIRApoxy Performance Evaluation
INVIRApoxy Epoxy Primer TDS